The Korean Society for Biomaterials


Dear Respected Members of the Korean Society of Biomaterials

The eventful year 2023 has passed, and the new year of the Blue Dragon 2024 has begun. I hope this will be a year in which you can achieve all your wishes, like a blue dragon soaring with magic pearl in its mouth.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the past presidents, executives, and members who have dedicated their time and energy to the development of our society. In particular, this year, we will focus all of the society's capabilities on successfully hosting the World Biomaterials Congress 2024 (WBC 2024), which will be held in Daegu from May 26 to 31. Concurrently, we will set and pursue the following goals to advance the society.

First, I would like to form a council. Thanks to the great interest and participation of our members, the current membership has now reached approximately 4,600. I plan to establish a council to ensure that the opinions of so many members are duly considered in the society’ operation. This year, we aim to create regulations for the council system with the goal of formally establishing a council in 2025 and electing a senior vice president in 2026.

Second, I would like to proceed with the incorporation of the society. I believe that incorporation is necessary to establish a system that befits the size and history of our society. Through incorporation, we can enhance the operation of the academic society and create a more impactful academic community that can actively contributes to society by carrying out joint service projects with the government, local governments, and social public interest enterprises at the academic level. I will carefully review and proceed with incorporation based on the society's accumulated assets.

Third, Biomaterials Research, the official journal of the Korean Society for Biomaterials, achieved and maintained an Impact Factor (IF) of 11.3 in 2023. This ranks 5th (top 5.20%) among all 96 SCIE journals in the Engineering and Biomedical JCR category and 3rd (top 6.66%) among 45 SCIE journals in the Materials Science and Biomaterials JCR category. This remarkable result was achieved thanks to the hard work and effort of all members. This year as well, we would like to devote all of the society's capabilities and efforts to maintaining the status of the journal by faithfully reflecting the excellent research results of our members.

To achieve these goals, we need a lot of support and help from executives and members. As you have done so far, please watch over us with love and interest this year and provide even a small amount of help for the development of the society.

I wish you stay healthy and would be a bed of roses.

Happy New Year.
Thank you.

The Korean Society for Biomaterials

President, Kun Na


Since its establishment in 1996, the Korean Society for Biomaterials (KSBM) has been a vital part of biomaterial research in industry and academia in Korea.
We currently have 3000 active members who are dedicated to the development of biomaterials for the treatment of human diseases and improvement of the quality of life.

KSBM holds annual meeting twice in each year, where over 300 papers are presented in oral and poster sessions; main topics in annual meetings include functional biomaterials, biomedical polymers, ceramics and metals, tissue engineering, stem cells, and translational applications.

In addition, the official journal of KSBM, ‘Biomaterials Research’, is published four times a year, which is devoted to introduction of new biomaterial technologies and to extension of networking within biomaterial communities with other expertise, such as nanotechnology, microfabrication, biomechanics, biology, and materials sciences. International participation and collaborations from editorial board members in the journal is another strength of Biomaterials Research.

We have been actively involved in international communications with other societies including Society for Biomaterials, Asian Society for Biomaterials, and European Society for Biomaterials, and IUSBSE. Our members have been volunteered to carry out professional services as international journal editorial member, conference organizers, speakers, session organizer, and chairs. It is notable that Korea is one of the leading countries contributing to Journals publishing biomaterial-related research.

한국생체재료학회 목적
한국생체재료학회 목표
1993 Organizing the Biomedical Materials Research Group with support from the Korea Biotechnology Foundation’s Key Project Research Group (President Yong Kiel Sung)
1996 1st President : Un Young Kim
9/20 Inaugural general meeting and commemorative academic conference(KIST)
1997 Editorial committee established
12/1 Publication of the Korean journal “Biomaterials Research”, ISSN number (1226-4601) given
1999 2nd President : Un Young Kim
2001 3rd President : Bum Koo Cho
2003 4th President : Yong Kiel Sung
Established academic committee
2004 Biomaterials Research, Selected as a candidate for KCI registration
2005 5th President : Chong Pyung Chung
2006 6th President : Young Ha Kim
2007 7th President : Dong Kyun Rah
Biomaterials Research, Selected as a KCI-registered academic journal
2008 8th President : Hoon Han
Establishment of Research Ethics Committee
Compilation of biomaterials textbooks
Established Histostem Academic Award
2009 9th President : Inn Kyu Kang
June, 2011 Asian Biomaterials Congress (ABMC) confirmed to attract domestic
2010 10th President : Sukwha Kim
2011 11th President : Seung Jin Lee
3rd Asian Biomaterials Congress (ABMC) held
1st Young Scientist Forum held
2012 12th President : Myun Whan Ahn
Promotion of exchanges with Japan (MOU)
2013 13th President : Ki Dong Park
Established Dentium Academic Award
Establishment and activation of branches (Honam, Chungcheong, Yeongnam)
Establishment of the academic secretariat
2014 14th President : Taek Rim Yoon
Biomaterials Research, Reorganization of academic journals for entry into SCI(E)_English journalization/ BioMedical Central (BMC: a subsidiary of Springer Nature) contract/ Open Access
Biomaterials Research, Given e-ISSN number (2055-7124)
12/1 Biomaterials Research, Listed in DOAJ
2015 15th President : Dong June Chung
7/9 Biomaterials Research, Listed in PubMed, and PubMed Central
9/30 WBC2024 preparation, business agreement signed with Daegu city
2016 16th President : Kyung Sun
20th anniversary
5/19 Success in attracting WBC2024
Publication of revised edition of biomaterials textbook
2017 17th President : Dong Keun Han
7/25 Biomaterials Research, Listed in SCOPUS
2018 18th President : Yong-Hee Kim
2019 19th President : Gun-Il Im
2020 20th President : Insup Noh
2021 21th President : Chun Ho Kim
5/4 Biomaterials Research, Listed in SCIE
2022 22th President : Young Ku
2023 23th President : Jong-Chul Park
2024 24th President : Kun Na






Science Partner Journal Biomaterials Research is an online Open Access journal published in affiliation with the Korean Society for Biomaterials (KSBM) and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Like all partners participating in the Science Partner Journal program, Biomaterials Research is editorially independent from the Science family of journals and KSBM is responsible for all content published in the journal. To learn more about the Science Partner Journal program, visit the SPJ program homepage.

Should researchers be interested in submitting their work to Biomaterials Research, we ask that they please first review the Information for Authors page.

Biomaterials Research content is Open Access, publishing under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) on a continuous basis. This means that content is freely available to all readers upon publication and content is published as soon as production is complete. KSBM holds an exclusive license to the content, the author(s) hold copyright and retain the right to publish.

AAAS is a member of the following organizations: ALPSP, DOAJ, OASPA, ORCID, SSP, and STM.

2024 Annual Meetings

Spring Date : May 26-31, 2024
Location : EXCO, DAEGU
Summer Date : July 5-6, 2024
Location : Maison Glad JEJU
Fall Date : November 21-23, 2024
Location : SONO Belle JEJU

2023 Annual Meetings

Spring Date : March 31, 2023
Location : CHA Bio Complex, PANGYO
Summer Date : July 7-8, 2023
Location : Osstem Implant, SEOUL
Fall Date : September 20-22, 2023
Location : JEJU Shinhwa World

2022 Annual Meetings

Spring Date : March 25, 2022
Location : Online
Summer Date : July 8-9, 2022
Location : Paradise Hotel BUSAN
Fall Date : September 28-30, 2022
Location : SONO Belle JEJU

2021 Annual Meetings

Spring Date : March 26, 2021
Location : Online
Fall Date : September 29-October 1, 2021
Location : SONO Belle JEJU On/Off Hybrid

2024 Meetings- 12th World Biomaterials Congress

WBC 2024 Date: May 26-31, 2024
Venue: EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Website: https://wbc2024.com/


If you want to become a member of the KSBM, you should first agree KSBM's stipulations and then enter your personal information.

Your online membership application will be recognized only after your payment of annual membership fee through electronic transaction.

Membership Information

Enrollment fee 10,000 kw

Life-time 700,000 kw

Individual 70,000 kw/yr

Group member 100,000 kw/yr

Student (complete the student verification) 20,000 kw/yr

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